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Master of Arts In Pastoral Ministry (MAPM)



The Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry (MAPM) provides all of the core theological courses found in the MA in Theology degree. In addition, it offers solid ministerial formation and advising support. The program is both academic and pastoral in approach, and is designed for people who want to integrate theology and practice.


People interested in staff level positions in parishes, schools, hospitals and non-profit agencies, men discerning a call to the diaconate who want to earn a graduate degree and people who wish to study pastoral theology at the graduate level are best served by the MAPM.

The program includes required courses, Mentoring, supervised Field Education, theological reflection and a Capstone Project in Ministry. The ministerial formation components are described here. Ministerial Formation

The outstanding MAPM faculty is drawn from the seminary faculty and from diocesan leadership positions. Evening and Saturday morning courses meet once each week for 2 hours and 40 minutes.



MAPM Curriculum (33 credit hours):

First Year

LPB 301 Old Testament (2 credits)

LPP 451 Praying with Scripture (1 credit)

LPS 350 Foundations of Lay Ecclesial Ministry (2 credits)

LPP 305 The Art of Effective Communication (1 credit)

LPB 302 New Testament (2 credits)

LPP 450 Using Scripture in Parish Ministry (1 credit)

LPS 403 Fundamental Moral Theology (2 credits)

LPS 342 Contemporary Issues in Moral Theology (1 credit)

Second Year

LPS 302 Christology (2 credits)

LPP 306 Communication in the Digital World (1 credit)

LPH 302 Church History (2 credits)

LPS 420 Evangelization and Mission for Pastoral Ministers (1 credit)

LPS 303 Ecclesiology (2 credits)

LPS 304 Ecclesiology of the Domestic Church (1 credit)

LPP 310 Principles of Leadership for Lay Ecclesial Ministers and Capstone I (3 credits)

Third Year

LPS 414 Catholic Social Doctrine (2 credits)

LPA 400 Theological Foundations of Apostolic Service (1 credit Independent Research)

LPP 335 Catechesis: Vision, Content and Method (2 credits)

LPS 500 Capstone II (1 credit Project Implementation)

LPS 401 Sacramental Theology (2 credits)

LPS 321 RCIA and Sacramental Preparation (1 credit)

Additional Program Components:



The completed MAPM fulfills the prerequisites for application to the Permanent Diaconate formation for the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. Courses may be applied to certification or continuing education for catechists, Directors of Religious Education and Youth and Young Adult Ministers.

By taking 6 credits each semester, it is possible to complete the MAPM in 3 years. Participants wishing to serve the Church in a public capacity, or who are discerning a call to the permanent diaconate must be in full communion with the Catholic Church and able to minister fruitfully and faithfully within the structure of the hierarchical Church. Members of other faith traditions are welcome to apply to the program, understanding that the theology and pastoral ministry reflects the stance and teachings of the Catholic Church.

The MAPM classes meet at the main campus in Mount Washington.

Percentage of students admitted each year who have graduated:










Five-year total




Average time from admission to graduation:  4.4 years

Percentage of students admitted each year who are still enrolled (or have already graduated):








Four-year total




Read about the Application Process here.


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