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Pastoral Administration Program



Initiated in 2006, the Pastoral Administration program was developed at the request of the Archbishop in response to archdiocesan needs. It is a graduate track designed to build upon a student's prior formation in theology and pastoral ministry. The program allows lay and ordained participants to develop and enhance skills in pastoral leadership and administrative ministry. It includes academics and formation and allows for flexibility in course selection to meet student needs.



Application Process

This program is designed for people who have completed both an undergraduate degree and a ministry formation program, including academic coursework, supervised experiences of field work, mentoring and a leadership project. Applicants should have significant pastoral experience, the ability to study theology at the graduate level and the desire to grow as pastoral leaders. Applicants should have the recommendation of their canonical and/or employment pastor, if employed by a parish.

Most participants are Catholic, but members of other faith traditions who are preparing for service in their own communities are welcome, understanding that the theology and approaches will reflect the stance and teachings of the Catholic Church.

For information about the Application Process for the Pastoral Administration Program, call the LPMP office, 513-231-1200.

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