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Faithful Reason Project



Seminaries have played an important but unheralded role in preserving a philosophy with the humility and courage to seek wisdom. Our project nourishes this tradition. Three factors have emerged to make this a particularly favorable time for such a project:

The fifth edition of the PPF makes a considerable advance in its rationale for and specification of philosophy program content. This advance along with the papal documents has created a potent opportunity to make major improvements in this aspect of priestly formation.

We believe that even though specific courses in philosophy are required by the PPF, the content of those courses will continue to vary considerably according to the interests/experience/abilities of the faculty member, with the result that there is not enough assurance that seminarians are really getting what they need. The Faithful Reason Project will help by providing a broad consensus of what needs to be covered in each of the courses (with due allowance for flexibility on the part of the teachers).

An additional benefit of this project is that it will consciously foster a greater sense of community and cooperation among seminary philosophy faculty.

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