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Gift Pledges


Make A Gift Online

A benefit of early planning and pledging is that it's easier to incorporate giving into your regular budget. You can therefore plan how much you want to give to The Athenaeum of Ohio/Mount St. Mary's Seminary over the course of the year(s). How much you pledge is a personal choice based on your resources and financial needs. Once the Athenaeum/Seminary receives your pledge, we will take action in establishing the pledge reminders to mail to you on the payment schedule you request.

Multi-year commitments

The Athenaeum of Ohio/Mount St. Mary's Seminary encourages pledges but recommends they not exceed a five year period. You may ensure that your pledge is recorded by completing a pledge card or a letter of intent and returning it to advancement office.

ADVANTAGES: Pledges enable donors to plan a giving program which is convenient and tax wise. Spreading the payment period over several years allows flexibility of charitable deductions to be utilized in years that will provide the most significant tax savings. A pledge also enables a donor to consider a more significant investment in The Athenaeum of Ohio/Mount St. Mary's Seminary than would otherwise be possible.

To learn more about supporting The Athenaeum of Ohio/Mount St. Mary's Seminary, please contact the advancement office at (513) 233-6113.



Matching Gifts

Maximize the impact of your gift to The Athenaeum of Ohio/Mount St. Mary's Seminary with a matching gift. Many companies sponsor programs enabling their employees and retirees to double or triple their personal contributions to higher education. The process is not complicated. Contact your human resources department for a matching gift form, fill it out, and forward it to the Athenaeum. Some companies use electronic filling which eliminates the need for a matching gift form. Inquire where you work about matching gift opportunities.

For additional information or concerns, please contact the Advancement Office or advancement@athenaeum.edu.

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